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Booking Questions

The price includes only landing fees and airport fees. For taxes, you will pay these in addition to the amount of your quote.

JetOnset offers you a flexible cancellation, allowing a full refund of your money into your JetOnset account for future use if you cancel within 48 hours before departure.

JetOnset will soon accept Bitcoin, but note that it takes up to 6 hours for a confirmation mail. Select the BTC as your payment method, and upon confirmation, we will send you the detailed invoice.

ACH and wire transfers are accepted at JetOnset, select the method of payment, and we will email you an invoice upon completion of the booking. It may not work for same-day travels, ACH takes three days, and wire transfer takes 48 hours to reflect in our accounts.

About Your Private Jet Flight

Safety is our key priority, and we have zero tolerance for errors. We try to identify and mitigate risk before it happens.

  • We check the jet’s insurance policy and its safety history, including its financial reports and tax filings.

  • We audit the jet’s account and look for any issues that may cause alarm.

  • We ensure the crew is qualified and certified, and have experience in their work.

  • We double-check the PASS system and compare it against the FAA and ICAO databases.

Feel free to contact us in case you need to cancel due to an emergency.

Yes. There are a few rules and recommendations as well:

  • You have to communicate ahead of time;

  • Lock away the firearm in the case. No loaded guns or free triggers in the cabin;

  • Unload firearms in the cases, and store ammunition separately;

  • Check your destination county for permission to carry weapons as well.


Kylie Larson

Concierge Service