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Luxury Travel, Luxury Vacations

You can’t experience luxury travel or luxury vacations by starting them off in economy class on a commercial airliner. With JetOnset, your luxurious getaways will get off on the right foot with a world-class experience on a private chartered jet.

We have access to almost any jet size, shape, and class you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel to a nearby island or halfway around the world - we have the jets for you! World-class!

Corporate Travel, Corporate Retreats

Treat your executives or clients like the valued stakeholders that they are with the use of private jets and chartered planes for your next shareholder meeting. Have a once-in-a-lifetime client potential or want to treat your executives to a special treat?

With JetOnset you can rest assured that nothing will surpass this revolutionary way of travel. Spontaneous new sales meetings or pre-arranged travel plans are no problem, and when your clients know how much you care about their experience, they will return the same treatment.

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About Us

We are a group of people who wanted to apply the social and technological revolution found in cars yesterday, to the private jets of today and tomorrow.

We have started on our mission: To use crowdsourcing technology to revolutionize the way we think of private jets. We realize this is only the beginning, and we are helping to push the private jet industry into the hands of the few into the hands of many.

We have developed a proprietary system that allows you to skip middlemen and legal kickback costs and directly source your own private jet travel, regardless of the purpose or the destination.

We have the ability in real-time to show you every plane, from the small HondaJet to the world renowned Boeing 737 that you can choose to fly to your destination in class.

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